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Hey There

Welcome to my site. Feel free to browse around and get some inspiration for your wedding calligraphy. If you have any questions, or would like to start your order, send me a quick email and we can start talking about all your ideas!

H e y !


My name is Kelsey - A.K.A. The Lettered K.

I work in a hospital as an Anaesthetic Technician, and spend my time off hand lettering, DIY-ing and hanging out with my colleague (dog), Obi.

I began my hand lettering journey in 2016 after watching beautiful hand lettering and calligraphy videos and thinking to myself, 'I can do that!' and from there, my love for lettering grew. The Lettered K is my way of sharing my love with all of you for your special event!

As a left hander, I've had to adapt my writing style so as not to smudge (lefties will understand!) and so a lot of your work will have been written upside down or right to left!

(Check out my Instagram for some videos of that!) 

My favourite hand lettering pieces to do are place cards and escort cards because they can be so varied - from simple, sleek and modern to whimsical watercolour and flourishes.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me and we can get the ball rolling on your wedding day calligraphy!


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